Epilation / Dyeing / Waxing

What is waxing?

Waxing is the removal of excess body and facial hair by means of a sticky substance. Waxing and waxing are the same. In addition to real bee resin, you can also remove hair with a “resin” that is made from sugar. The hair is completely removed with resin. After waxing, it will take an average of 3-8 weeks for the hair to grow back. Waxing is a temporary method of hair removal. After waxing, the hairs will grow back. This growth always happens with a soft (hair) tip so that, unlike shaving, you will never have hard stubble after waxing


Epilation is a hair removal method in which you remove body hair, root and all. This is in contrast to many other hair removal methods (shaving, depilatory cream, etc.), where you only remove the visible (upper skin) part of the hair. In short: epilation is a thorough method of body hair removal.

What are the benefits of epilation?

The main advantage of epilation over shaving is that the hairs stay away much longer with epilation. This is because you remove the hairs root and all, while shaving only removes the visible (upper skin) part of the hairs. As a result, hairs remain gone for at least 3 weeks after you epilate them, while with shaving you often have stubble again after a day. By epilating you therefore have to maintain your body hair less often

Harsen gezicht

  • Epilate
    € 10,00
  • Top lip
    € 10,00
  • Chin (from)
    € 10,00
  • Top lip & chin
    € 16,50
  • Neck (from)
    € 13,50
  • Cheeks (from)
    € 13,50